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Visualizing lmer and limits [Study As­sess­ment]

posted by d_labes - Berlin, Germany, 2019-01-07 15:08  - Posting: # 19745
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Dear Mittyri

» [image]
» Black dots: Observed values
» Blue dots: Predicted values
» Blue area: 90% prediction area for all observations
» Blue dashed line: fitted regression line
» Blue dot-dashed lines: 90% limits built using 90% CIs for the slope and intercept
» Red lines: 80-125% acceptance limits

I must confess that I don't understand what you do here with the last two points.
Dose dependent 90% limits for what using 90% CIs for the slope and intercept :confused:
Dose dependent acceptance limits :confused:.

Could you please elaborate and enlighten me?
With simple words please, not with complex sophisticated code.

The prediction area is calculated based on the dose values used in the study. Should it not calculated on interpolated dose values to get more smooth area borders?
And why do you used the prediction interval as a fit visualization? AFAIK is prediction for future observations, but I think we had the goal to visualize the fit of our current observations. So would it not better to use a 90% confidence interval instead?



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