AND or OR, that’s the question [Power / Sample Size]

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Hi Chris,

❝ Thanks again, Helmut, for sharing your wisdom so quickly and in details.

When you know something, say what you know.
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That is knowledge.

I know much less about anything than I know about something. Wisdom is not my thing.

❝ Since the alternative is based on T1 = R OR T2 = R, …

Are you trying to confuse me? In your OP you stated:

❝ ❝ ❝ I want to demonstrate that both test drugs T1 and T2 are BE to the reference R.

That’s an AND-conjunction, right?

❝ … I am attempted to think that a larger sample size is required for the alternative T1 = R AND T2 = R. Is that indeed the case?

Correct! In an OR-conjunction in your case you get at least two chances (either T1 or T2 passes or both). In the most simple case* you have to use Bonferroni’s adjustment
$$\alpha_\text{adj}=\alpha/k\small{,}\tag{1}$$ where \(\alpha\) is the nominal level of the test and \(\small{k}\) the number of tests. Then the family-wise error rate is controlled with
You have to adjust only for T1 | T2 = R (two tests).

❝ If so, would you have any recommendation on how to approach the sample size estimation?

See the last paragraph of my previous post. Call the script with alpha = 0.025.

Reference                : C
Tests                    : A, B
Sequences                : ABC, ACB, BAC, BCA, CAB, CBA
Subjects per sequence    : 7 | 7 | 7 | 7 | 7 | 7 (balanced)
Estimated sample size    : 40
Achieved power           : 0.8159
Adjustment to obtain period-balance of IBDs
 Adjusted sample size    : 42
 Achieved power          : 0.8353
Randomized               : 2022-08-10 15:56:23 CEST
Seed                     : 9874408

 treatment metric theta0 CV   n  power
 A         Cmax   0.94   0.25 42 0.8353
 A         AUC    0.95   0.20 42 0.9731
 B         Cmax   0.96   0.23 42 0.9489
 B         AUC    0.97   0.18 42 0.9980

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