Dhruv Shah

2016-03-11 03:48
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 t1/2 prior to Tmax in BE study [NCA / SHAM]

In a recent BE study I observed that t1/2 (1 hrs) was faster than Tmax (1.3 hrs). I wanted to know that what does it mean? Moreover if we analyze the data of individual subjects, the occurrence was more in test as compared to reference product. Do we need any special design precautions in such study?

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2016-03-11 20:25
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@ Dhruv Shah
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 t1/2 prior to Tmax in BE study


Did you sample PK adequately?

Dhruv Shah

2016-03-16 07:01
(1652 d 19:56 ago)

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@ jag009
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 t1/2 prior to Tmax in BE study

» Did you sample PK adequately?

yes John we have taken that precaution to have adequate points near Tmax

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2016-03-11 22:20
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@ Dhruv Shah
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 t1/2 prior to Tmax in BE study

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