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Hi Shuanghe,

congratulations for mastering the nested lists in your post. I’m impressed!

» 9. It seems LaTeX expression can not be used to write math equation here.


» Is it possible to implement it?

Theoretically yes.If you enjoy the “beauty” of formulas: [image] ⇒ DVI ⇒ Ghostscript ⇒ grayscale (4 or 8 bit) PNG with alpha-trans­parency en­abled and upload/link the file here. Example:


Drawbacks: If images are dis­abled in the browser only the image’s attribute alt="[image]" is displayed. Ge­SHi would come up with alt="\left ( \frac{s_{wR} / s_{wT} } {\sqrt{F_{\alpha/2}, \quad {\nu_1}, \quad {\nu_2}}}, \frac{s_{wR} / s_{wT} } {\sqrt{F_{1-\alpha/2}, \quad {\nu_1}, \quad {\nu_2}}} \right )". The former is non-informative and the latter confusing to anybody not familiar with the syntax of AMS[image].

BTW, simple formulas in the forum can be constructed by means of UTF-8 characters and BB-Codes, e.g.,

CVw = √σ²w − 1

» Since there are so many members here …

Don’t overestimate that. This year so far only 122 of them were active (at least one post). The forum is a rather exclusive club; ten nerds (0.1%) are guilty for 55% of all posts.

» … and some times one has to write complicate formula it might be a good idea to be able to write equations in LaTeX.

I’m afraid users in the forum being knowledgable of [image] are in the minority… BTW, I once wrote a manu­script in MiKTEX according to the publisher’s templates only to learn that they required bloody M$-Word in the mean­time. Although I used MathType don’t ask me how the paper looked at the end. :-(

Edit: With the MathJax library (installed June 2019):
$$\left(\frac{s_{wR}/s_{wT}} {\sqrt{F_{\alpha/2},\quad{\nu_1},\quad{\nu_2}}},\frac{s_{wR}/s_{wT} }{\sqrt{F_{1-\alpha/2},\quad{\nu_1},\quad{\nu_2}}}\right)$$
$$C{V_w}=\sqrt{{e^{\sigma _w^2}}-1}$$

Helmut Schütz

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