2022-05-12 19:45
(316 d 11:00 ago)

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 Target Power for BE Studies [Power / Sample Size]

Dear colleagues, is there a "convention" for power assumptions in a BE study sample size calculation. I realize this will depend on "risk tolerance" but what do YOU use, e.g., 80%, 90% etc.

Biostatistically Challenged CEO

2022-05-13 00:23
(316 d 06:22 ago)

@ Sereng
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 Target Power for BE Studies

Hi Sereng,

80%-90% is what I usually go for. I most often prefer 90% but the guy in the penguin costume prefers 80% and he seems to decide everything.

Pass or fail!

2022-05-18 07:19
(310 d 23:26 ago)

@ ElMaestro
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 Target Power for BE Studies

HI ElMaestro, many thanks for the response. However, I missed the joke about "the guy in the penguin costume". I should have listed to my parents when the implored me to get a good liberal arts education!

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Vienna, Austria,
2022-05-18 16:06
(310 d 14:39 ago)

@ Sereng
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 The guy in the penguin costume

Hi Sereng,

❝ I missed the joke about "the guy in the penguin costume".

For many years we have a running gag in the forum calling the boss* ‘the guy in the Armani suit’ (© ElMaestro, introduced there). ‘The guy in the penguin costume’ is a new variant.

  • Who is only proficient in Powerpoint, copypasting from one document to an other, and shouting ‘You are fired!’ if a study fails.

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