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 Everything you didn't know about bacterial genetics [Off Topic]

Hi all,

did you know that correspondence analysis (COA; an SVD-based ordination technique) can be used to the study the pattern of intragenic codon usage in bacteria?

Did you know that when the technique is applied to Bordetella pertussis (the bacterium causing whooping cough) this bacterium stands out due to IS expansion?

Did you know that small bacteria whose genomes are reduced (like intracellular critters such as Buchnera) don't have pronounced intragen ic gradients in codon usage?

Did you know that gene expressivity somehow links to the intragenic pattern in species like E. coli?

Did you know that when we use intragenic analysis of codon usage we can account for much more of the variation than if we do it gene-by-gene?

It is all very exciting and surprising. You can read about it here.

The author -a person of highly dubious character, if I may say so- told me he had the underlying idea in Oslo in 2008. It took him 13 years to get it published.:cool:

Pass or fail!
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