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 New software for PK analysis - PKMP. Any good ? [Software]

Dear members,
Hope you all are doing well amidst this pandemic situation?

I have recently come across a brochure for a new new PK-PD modelling, IVIVC and simulation. The software is called "PKMP"

Their Website claims "Our software, pharmacokinetic modeling program (PKMP) will support data analysis for pharmacokinetic, clinical pharmacology, biopharmaceutics, and dissolution needs of new drug and generic product developments"

My question is... has anyone tried their hands on this? is it any good ? should one try to buy this, is it mandatory to check for a cross validation against Phoenix WinNonlin/ SAS ?

Thanks and Regards
Dr Anonymous

India/United Kingdom,
2021-04-08 07:42
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@ WhiteCoatWriter
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 New software for PK analysis - PKMP. Any good ?

Dear Dr Anonymous!

The Phoenix is naturally having advantage over PKMP. The PKMP support team/users are not huge so that you can discuss in their forum. Fortunately I was able to evaluate trial for 30 days, but user interface needs to be improved (3 years ago), and found no additional advantage over Phoenix. Overall many things like NCA, CA can be done using PKSolver or other R tools, so evaluate that and decide for PKMP.
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