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 in vitro study with the nasogastric tube, CI [Regulatives / Guidelines]

Dear colleagues, does anyone have the experience in conducting in vitro study with the nasogastric tube?

According to FDA Draft Guidance: «The T/R recovery ratio and the 90% confidence interval of the T/R recovery ratio should be calculated», but bioequivalence CI limits were not specified.

Would you kindly write CI limits for in vitro study with the nasogastric tube?
Is it 80,00-125,00?

India/United Kingdom,
2021-02-17 08:35
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@ Nataliia
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 in vitro study with the nasogastric tube, CI

Dear Nataliia!
Please find the link for summary tables for in vitro feeding tube testing by FDA. (
Also find the testing discussion by FDA in workshop - Advancing Innovative Science in Generic Drug Development Workshop
September 29 & 30, 2020 at Kindly see the presentation titled D2S16- tyner and D2S17-Kapoor. They are focusing on %Recovery and I am not able to find weather 90%CI criteria will be applicable or not.
Hope it helps you.
Dear Forum member - apologies for not giving link for topic but I am posting trough mobile device and not able to perform few features.

Edit: Link added. [Helmut]

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@ dshah
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 in vitro study with the nasogastric tube, CI

Dear Dshah,

I am grateful for this extremely useful infofmation on in vitro feeding tube testing

Kind regards,

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