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 ⚠️ Read before registering   [Tips / Tricks]

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Dear potential member of the BEBA Forum!

Before registering to the forum please read its Policy and
BEBAC’s statement about Data Protection.
Register only if you want to post in the forum – registration is not required to read posts.

  If you register you confirm that you read and accepted the Policy.  

For technical aspects of the registration procedure see here. Some points to note:
  • The forum is protected by anti-spam software. If during registration you get a page with the heading
            403 FORBIDDEN!   
    or an empty page, do not repeat the registration – it will make things worse. See the FAQ #14.
  • Avoid YahoO! MAIL and Gmail. Some activation e-mails sent to accounts @yahoo.com and @gmail.com (occasionally local domains like @yahoo.co.in as well) bounce back or are not delivered at all. If you don’t receive the activation e-mail within 24 hours after registration, we suggest to opt for another e-mail provider.
  • The link provided in the activation e-mail has to be clicked within 24 hours after registration (see here).
    If you do not activate your account it will be deleted. See also the FAQ #15.
  • Once your account is activated, please log in and edit your personal profile (see here).
  • Your password is stored in the database in encrypted form. If you’ve forgotten it, we have no means to decrypt it and provide it to you. For the procedure see the FAQ #6.
  • If you are no more active in the forum your account will be deleted. See also the FAQ #16.
       If you repeatedly do not follow the Policy you will be  
  • warned by the moderator (Mittyri) or one of the admins (Helmut, Ohlbe);
  • temporarily blocked from posting;
  • infinitely blocked from posting.

Helmut (for the forum team)
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