Phoenix-WinNonlin 6.0 released 29 May 2009 [🇷 for BE/BA]

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Sorry if it's off topic on this quite old discussion but I would like to confirm that Phoenix 1.0 (Phoenix WinNonlin 6.0 and Phoenix Connect 1.0) are released and available for download through the Pharsight Support site. This is an upgrade covered by your annual maintenance fee so there is no additional cost to you and it can run on the same machine as WinNonlin 5.x without interference. (The validation kit will be released in a few weeks for those of you who are looking to upgrade formally).

❝ Yesterday I downloaded Phoenix WinNonlin 6 ‘beta’ and will have a look how they ‘do’ it there. I didn’t dare to install the 156MB yet (really lots of stuff: needs M$ Visual C++ compiler and Office 2003, includes all successors of the recent version: WinNonlin, WinNonMix, IVIVC Toolkit, a new graphical engine [yes, two independent y-axes, Trellis plots!], a graphical model builder [similar to KINETICA], and, and…).

As Helmut mentions above there are many exciting and new features that I encourage you to look at; and please comment on what you like and even don't like so Pharsight can continue to improve this analysis tool.


PS and yes the calculation of "Therapeutic Response" is still there in the NCA set-up tab to produce the following additional durations and AUCs above, within and below those limits;


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