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Hello everyone!

I am a complete beginner in BEQ field and lately I have been going through this forum a lot and have learned so much and I would like to thank you all for contributing to thorough explanations and interesting discussions.

Regarding my question, I was calculating confidence intervals in R using package PowerTOST and function CI.BE and I think I have noticed a minor mistake in CI calculations when having unbalanced design with odd total number of subjects without defining number of subjects in each sequence. If I am not mistaken, in this case the program incorrectly calculates CI assuming balanced design with half (0.5) of a subject in each sequence and doesnt assume an unbalanced design with small imbalanced as it does in other functions (for example when calculating power using power.TOST).

An example:
CI.BE(pe=1.0659, CV=0.1539, n=27)
    lower     upper
0.9927168 1.1444783

CI.BE(pe=1.0659, CV=0.1539, n=c(13.5,13.5))
    lower     upper
0.9927168 1.1444783

CI.BE(pe=1.0659, CV=0.1539, n=c(14,13))
    lower     upper
0.9926683 1.1445341

Notice that CI for n=27 are the same as for n=c(13.5,13.5), however the correct CI should probably be the same as for n=c(14,13). Not big of a difference, however it could be relevant in some cases?

I am sorry if this has already been discussed before, I went through forum and havent found anything relevant.

Best regards

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