bear: it's time to say goodbye [🇷 for BE/BA]

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Dear Helmut & other members,

❝ [...] PS: Do you plan to implement my [image]-code for ABE of last May in a future release of bear?

Right. If you're talking about the package replicateBE, I have some excuses:
  1. if there is a future release of bear? Nope. No such a plan recently (plz see below).
  2. I did not have the dataset of replicate BE (> two sequences) to test. The dataset can be analyzed from NCA (subj, time, conc, & ...) , not just statistical analysis with final pivotal parameters (Cmax & AUCs) as bundled with replicateBE package. I tried to compose some for the testing purposes, then I gave it up. I asked some users if they could provide such a dataset with no luck. Quite understood.
  3. Some limitations need to be lifted first from the current bear, such as # of sequences & periods. I messed up several times.
  4. ReplicateBE package has been good enough and well illustrated in the Forum or Github. Users should be able to deploy it very easily.
  5. OK, I'm lazy.
It's been a good time for bear in this Forum since 2008 (as far as I can remember). Lots of supports or excellent suggestions come from the members of this Forum. The reasons for bear to say goodbye at this moment are:
  1. it has been stepped down from the official R repository (CRAN) since 2015; so it's not an official package any more;
  2. two dependent packages: gWidgets & gWidgetRGtk2 have been removed/retried from CRAN this year; although users still can run GUI of bear right now, I don't know how long it can sustain anyway. So I will try to use tcltk & tcltk2 packages to re-write bear (GUI part); This is supposed to take a lot of time. At least I have a good start with tcltk & tcltk2 with preinst.r; In summary, bear is supposed to be retired/removed/deprecated if it was among packages of CRAN.
  3. OK, I'm lazy (again).

Finally, I like to thank you all for such long-term supports. Goodbye. 再見/再见。Auf Wiedersehen. Au revoir. さようなら. Прощай. 안녕. Adiós. Αντιο σας. अलविदा.

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All the best,
-- Yung-jin Lee
bear v2.9.1:- created by Hsin-ya Lee & Yung-jin Lee
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Download link (updated) -> here

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