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Dear all,

since many of us are working at home now, consider donating your idle computation power to [email protected]* (see also the [image] Wiki-article). The software is available for Windows, macOS 10.7+, and 64bit Linux. With the end of March users provided 600,000 CPUs and 430,000 GPUs. Their distributed speed reached 1.3 [image] exaFLOPS last week, outperforming the currently leading supercomputer (IBM’s [image] Summit) by one order of magnitude. :-D
Note that you have to own the machine. Otherwise, ask your company for permission.

[image]I lost 4,500 ranks since mid-March. Great because recently many users (including big players like Oracle, avast) joined the party (see the image).

The software allows a lot of adjustments. Since I don’t encode videos or play 3D-games, my GPU with its 64 [image] CUDA cores is bored. Hence, I fold on the GPU whilst leaving the CPU free for other stuff (like Phoenix, sim’s in [image]). For a while I used six threads of the CPU but it’s not worth it – on the average out­performed by the GPU by a factor of ~8.5.

Don’t worry to toast your machine. The software monitors the CPU’s/GPU’s temperature and goes for at least 15 minutes into idle state if the system gets too hot. The software comes with a large database of CPUs/GPUs and ‘knows’ their critical temperatures. I never faced that in ½ year, neither on my workstation nor my notebook. The former runs 24/7 and is fanless.
If the noise of the fans in your machine annoys you, drag the slider in the Advanced Control to the left. You can pause/resume folding at any time. If you want to shut down your machine, I suggest to ⏸️ Pause folding first. The project(s) will automatically resume folding after a reboot.

If you’re already running the software, update to v7.6.9 (released 2020-04-18) where you can prioritize COVID-19 projects:

Configure > Advanced > Cause Preference
Select COVID-19
💾 Save

Dif-tor heh smusma 🖖
Helmut Schütz

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