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Dear R-Users,

I can’t get my head around this:

loc.stat <- function(x, type, na.rm, distr) {
 non.numerics    <- which(is.na(suppressWarnings(as.numeric(x))))
 x[non.numerics] <- NA
 x <- as.numeric(x)
 if (distr == "nonpar") {
   switch (type,
     pct2.5  = as.numeric(quantile(x, probs=0.025, na.rm=na.rm)),
     pct25   = as.numeric(quantile(x, probs=0.25, na.rm=na.rm)),
     median  = as.numeric(median(x, na.rm=na.rm)),
     pct75   = as.numeric(quantile(x, probs=0.75, na.rm=na.rm)),
     pct97.5 = as.numeric(quantile(x, probs=0.975, na.rm=na.rm)))
 if (distr == "normal") {
   mean.x <-mean(x, na.rm=na.rm)
   sd.x   <- sd(x, na.rm=na.rm)
   n.not.nas <- length(x)-length(which(is.na(x)))
   se <- sd.x/sqrt(n.not.nas)
   switch (type,
     cla2.5  = mean.x+qt(0.025, df=n.not.nas-1, lower.tail=TRUE)*se,
     ar.mean = mean.x,
     cla97.5 = mean.x+qt(0.975, df=n.not.nas-1, lower.tail=TRUE)*se)
x <- rnorm(12, 100, 20)
median <- loc.stat(x, "median", TRUE, "nonpar")
mean   <- loc.stat(x, "ar.mean", TRUE, "normal")


R> median
R> mean
[1] 109.7066

Why the heck? Quoting the R-Inferno:

Curly braces are also useful with loops, switch and if.

What? How? Google and R-help were not my friends.

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Helmut Schütz

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