About the Partial SS in Boequivalence results in WinNonlin 8.1 [Software]

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Dear Fu Yangyang,

❝ Firstly, why the Partial SS results just provided under default model(2x2x2 design) in WinNonlin 8.1?

Note that General Linear Model is applicable for a model without additional variance structures (PURE ANOVA). Partial SS is very similar to SS type III table provided by SAS (GLM procedure)

❝ It just provides the Partial test worksheet in other models. What are the differences and relationship between the Partial test results and Partial SS results?

RTFM (WNL User's guide)!
Partial Tests worksheet
The Partial Tests worksheet is created by testing each model term given every other model term.
Unlike sequential tests, partial tests are invariant under the order in which model terms are listed in the Fixed Effects tab. Partial tests factor out of each model term the contribution attributable to the remaining model terms.
This is computed by modifying the basis created by the QR factorization to yield a basis that more closely resembles that found in balanced data.
Sequential SS and Partial SS worksheets
For models with only fixed effects, the Sequential Tests and Partial Tests are also presented in a form that includes SS (Sum of Squares) and MS (Mean Square).

❝ Secondly, what are the Numer_DF and Denom_DF? What is the calculation method for these DF since it could be decimals in Degrees of freedom sometimes.

Same source:
The default calculation method of the degrees of freedom is controlled on the General Options tab and is initially set to Satterthwaite.
With that method of DF approximation float DFs are likely, especially in case of some inbalance.

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Kind regards,

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