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[image][image]Hi ElMaestro,

» […] When I assessed my very first BE-dossier I asked for post-hoc power and justification and I felt divine. Today I am not very proud of it.

Was a good while ago, right?

I’m guilty as well. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.
Starting in the early 1980s I assessed studies solely by nonparametric (!) methods. Yep, about 300 of them. No dead people lying in the street. Only in the annex of the report I gave the ANOVA (the CV and yes, bloody post hoc power). When working in a CRO it is difficult to convince the client that sum­fink is crap (“everybody reports it, we are always right and pay you,…”). My last report giving post hoc power dates back to the late 1990s. Fuck, more than twenty years ago. I’m getting old.
Was a long way to go.

» Now I confessed.

So did I. :smoke:

Johannes Kepler has spent years and decades arithmetically and geometrically proving the Divine Harmony of the Spheres postulated by Pythagoras. And yet, he has discarded the work of his half life, thousands of pages of records and calculations, at one go, when he finally realized that the planetary orbits are not circles but ellipses. […] This is the way true and scientific knowledge gain works.
Leo Lukas: Der Kepler-Komplex (May 2018)

Helmut Schütz

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