Huge gap in my understanding [General Sta­tis­tics]

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Dear ElMaestro,

You may have a look at R package lsmeans for more details and this R code may help (credits to Alex) in understanding.


### Covariance example (from Montgomery Design (8th ed.), p.656)

### model
fiber.lm <- lm(strength ~ diameter + machine, data = fiber)

# means versus ls-means
fiber$pred <- predict(fiber.lm, list(machine=fiber$machine, diameter=rep(mean(fiber$diameter), 15)))
aggregate(fiber$strength, by=list(fiber$machine), mean) # mean
aggregate(fiber$pred, by=list(fiber$machine), mean)     # lsmean

# lsmeans via R package lsmeans
fiber.lsm <- lsmeans(fiber.lm, "machine")

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