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Hi Louis,

❝ But no one knows, at least not me, to what number the correlation should be set in practice.

❝ The authors team of the R package PowerTOST is currently discussing that theme. May be we came out with some aid in the near future.

Current state of affairs about the mysterious ρ:


Runtime 0.78 seconds. 6176 subjects in 124 data sets of 98 2×2×2 studies (74 analytes).
Evaluated by: lm(log(PK) ~ sequence+subject+period+treatment, data=study)
              PE.AUC[study]  <- exp(summary(model.AUC)$coef["treatmentT", "Estimate"])
              PE.Cmax[study] <- exp(summary(model.Cmax)$coef["treatmentT", "Estimate"])
              model.rho <- lm(PE.Cmax ~ PE.AUC)
              rho       <- sqrt(summary(model.rho)$r.squared)

rho         : 0.6983

PS: No, I’m not underpowering my studies for Cmax. Some were so old that they were powered for an acceptance range of 75–133% or even 70–143%. ;-) Was too lazy to browse through the protocols…

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