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Hi Hötzi,

» You have a point. IMHO, this question should be answered: yes!

And on basis of this story we will define Hötzi's universal law of BE:
ElMaestro is always right1.

By the way, since you are a speed devotee:
FindCritCV.Sec=function(Pwr.T, GMR, Nps, Is.St2=1, d=.00001, iniCV)
##the secant method has really nasty properties if the ini value is a little off.
  while (abs(y2)>d)
   y1=Power.calc(Nps, GMR, CV1, Is.St2)-Pwr.T
   y2=Power.calc(Nps, GMR, CV2, Is.St2)-Pwr.T
   CV3= CV2-y2*(CV2-CV1)/(y2-y1)
  return(0.5*(CV1+CV2)) ##or play around

 for (Nps in 6:length(vecCritCVs))
   if (Nps==6) iniCV=min(0.709*GMR-0.552, 0.709/GMR -0.552)
               else iniCV=vecCritCVs[Nps-1]
    vecCritCVs[Nps]<<-FindCritCV.Sec(0.8, GMR, Nps, 1, 1e-10, iniCV)


Footnote 1:
Except when he isn't. Which also happens. With regrettable frequency...:-D

I could be wrong, but...
Best regards,

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