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Dear all.
It's exact! Power is nothing else than probability.
Simple example:

You have 1 dice and you roll once:
probability P1 of you roll 1 is 1/6,
similarly P23 is probability that you roll 2 or 3 is 2/6, and
P45 is probability that you roll 4 or 5.
Then P1+P23+P45=5/6.
I you add P6 as probability that you roll six, the sum is equal to 1.

Similarly you have probability that 90% CI is in 80-100% (without 100%) = P1,
probability that 90% CI is in 100%-125% (without 100%) = P2,
then there is option when 90% CI is in 80-125% a 100% is in the 90% CI = P3,
there is nothing more (no other option which can happen), so the sum is the Classical Power (probability that you have 90% CI in 80-125%).

Classical Power=P1+P2+P3, where P3 is pwrDK222BE = Classical Power - P1 - P2.

P.S. ElMaestro was faster than me (but because I wrote it in different wording, I am posting it too ... hope for better understanding maybe)

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