Method for replicate design [Nonparametrics]

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Dear HS,

❝ First of all congratulations for being the first colleague posting in my personal favorite category “Nonparametrics”...


But non-parametrics is not in the scope of standard statistical education or standard statistical text books.
Moreover there is not a lot of software out there to deal with.
In SAS for instance, which I have to deal with, no standard method is implemented for obtaining CIs. You have to program methods from the scratch. Not an easy task.

❝ One possibility comes into my mind: Performing a parametric evaluation of the replicate design, but not on the untransformed raw data of tmax, but on the ranks within each period.

Ok, that may help for p values but not for confidence intervals, at least not in SAS.

Thanks a lot for the references.

I have some more for you or whom it concerns, dealing with confidence intervals for designs with p>2 periods, but not specifically with all forms of replicate designs.

[1] Putt, ME and VM Chinchilli
    Nonparametric approaches to the analysis of crossover studies
    Statistical science 19(4), 712-719 (2004)
[2] Duchateau L and P Jansen
    Pairwise non-parametric non-inferiority tests in 3x3 cross-over trials: should we adjust for period
    Statist. Med. 24, 1525-1536 (2005)
[3] Willavize SA and EA Morgenthien
    Non-parametric confidence intervals for tmax in sequence-stratified crossover studies
    Pharmaceut. Statist. (in press) published online Wiley Interscience



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