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2011-08-25 11:16

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 Scam: EPS Global Medical Development [Conferences / Workshops]

Dear all
I got an invitation to attend the 2011 Turkey International Modern Medical Forum (2011 TIMF), which will take place from September 9th to 11th, 2011 in the beautiful, sunny city of Tekirdag, Turkey organized and hosted by EPS Global Medical Development Inc., a Canada-based consulting agency. As a guest speaker, you only need to pay the registration fee, the hotel accommodations during the conference will be free as a privilege, as well as local transportation and dinner and lunch. I got some doubts since I found no credible details about the "conference", no final detailed program or list of speakers just two weeks prior to the "conference", no committees, no details on the web. The home page of Namık Kemal University, Tekirdag does not mention the conference although mentioned as organizer by EPS. This is a spam, a sting, to get your money transferred directly to the bank account of some crooks. They do hold conferences. However, the issue is what constitutes a conference. This is what the managing director Yao Lu is exploiting. He is praying on the need of academics to get invited speakerships. Everything is as a real conference would be, but then it doesn't take much to put together a conference. What it needs are speakers of high quality who have been selected by a scientific and organising committee, not a self-selecting group of individuals who are keen to improve their CV (I include myself among these). Clearly, both in legal corporate terms and in the delivery of these conferences, this company is to be avoided. Fortunately I had done this before paying to attend this conference. It seems that many of the people there don't seem to get that they are being scammed.

EPS Global Medical Development Inc.
1625 Maisonneuve West,
Suite 305, Montreal
Canada, H3H 2N4
Tel: +1 514-933-4119
website at and and

I checked their phone number and found it listed under a company's name:
Marketing Prima Linea
4800 Rue Saint-Ambroise
Montreal, Quebec
H4C 3N8

I hope this warning is useful
Kind regards

Kind regards and have a nice day
Kaohsiung, Taiwan,
2011-08-29 10:30

@ Dr_Dan
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 Scam: EPS Global Medical Development

Dear Dr. Dan,

Thank you so much. Your information is very useful. :clap: Fortunately, I read your message in this Forum 2-3 days ago before we got the invitation letter from EPS. Same tricks as you described here and same Dr. Yao Lu, though everything sounds so real, except that nothing is true.

All the best,
---Yung-jin Lee
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Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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