2010-03-03 22:02

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 Getting tabulated data into OpenOffice Calc [Tips / Tricks]

Dear HS and all,

one thing that troubles me occasionally is getting data presented on the forum in tabulated form (example here) into a spreadsheet application like OpenOffice Calc.
I just cannot get it working, and I more often than not end up typing the data manually into my spreadhseet.

There are different elements involved. Possibly a process like: Mark the table, copy it to memory, shift windows, paste into the spreadsheet, use a "text to columns" function and finally make the spreadsheet understand that what is now in cell this-and-that is not text but numbers.
I just cannot get the last two steps working in a coordinated fashion.
Any ideas how to do it in Calc (not Excel)?

Best regards, and many thanks for any hint you can offer,
Vienna, Austria,
2010-03-04 15:33

@ ElMaestro
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 Converting decimal point to comma


Ha, that will cost you a bottle of your ol' reserve.
The problem is evident only on localizations of the operating system (M$-Windows, Linux) with the comma as the decimal separator. You were on the right track: import from the clipboard (unformated text) > separator: blank > combine separators >
Now you have to select each column and set the type to "US-English" > OK
Screenshot from my German version of OO Calc:
This procedure should convert the decimal separator from "." to the one in your localization (Belgium: ",")...

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