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Kaohsiung, Taiwan,
2017-05-13 20:14

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 RGtk2 (v2.20.33) upgrade and bear under Windows [R for BE/BA]

Dear all,

If you are using bear under MS Windows OS (not incl. Ubuntu/Linux or iMac OS X), I noticed that the package RGtk2 has been released its upgrade (v2.20.33) on May 10, 2017. Every once you get upgraded RGtk2 package, you need re-install GTK+ driver if under MS-Windows OS. I never had the experience before as the last upgrade of RGtk2 was on 2014. It's very easy to re-install GTK+ driver. Run R console (Rgui.exe) as system administrator, and then type library(bear) and then go(). There should a pop-up dialog window on the screen. Select installation of GTK+ driver. That's it. You only have to do this once after upgrading RGtk2 package. The key point is to run R console as system administrator. Otherwise, it keeps asking to install GTK+ driver again and again. If you are running bear under Ubuntu/Linux or iMac OS X, please ignore this and you should be fine.

All the best,
---Yung-jin Lee
[image]bear v2.8.3:- created by Hsin-ya Lee & Yung-jin Lee
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Download link (updated) -> here
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