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do not use excel ? [Bioanalytics]

posted by Ohlbe - France, 2009-01-19 22:54  - Posting: # 3067
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Dear martin and chbs,

» never never never never use excel for any statistical calculations

Use of Excel has been previously discussed on the forum, for instance here.

Even though it is certainly not the correct tool to use for complex (or even intermediate) stats, I would not be shocked to see it used for descriptive stats (mean, SD, CV), where it is easier to use than a stats package for the basic user (using SAS or R to calculate the mean of 6 values would be like using a sledgehammer to kill a mosquito, and would seriously reduce the number of possible users). However this requires some precautions: validate your spreadsheet by comparing the results with those obtained with another software (or even manually), and then lock and password-protect your spreadsheet, only leaving unlocked the cells in which you will enter your data.

Upgrade to a new version of Excel (or any version change) will require a re-validation.


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