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Hi ElMaestro,

» I am not using these plots for anything, and I do not know of anyone taken decisions on basis of them regardless of whether they involve means, medians, geomeans, with or without imputation, LLOQ/2 etc . For all I care, one flavour is as good as another and is of little importance.

True. On the other hand if I would dare to come up with a report without any my phone would not stop ringing…

» One thing I'd like to try out, but I can't conjure up the code now:
» Create a 95% (or 90% etc) shaded cloud around each mean or median at all time points.

Sumfink like those?


Medians & quantiles, NA removed. LLOQ/2 imputation will be slightly closer to the true function. Too stupid to come up with confidence intervals of the truncated normal (for arithmetic means) or lognormal (for geometric means).

Interesting that the log-plot gives the false impression of a two-compartment model. Yep, there are lower concentrations at the end but we are not able to measure them.
Until now I knew it only the other way ’round: A true two-compartment model looks like a one-compartment model cause the analytical method is not sensitive enough.

Helmut Schütz

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