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Hi Rosy,

» I know, what's wrong with my regulation, anyway... that's because I'm Mexican (if you remember Guillermo del Toro speach) LOL

This part?

» I will try to follow you directions on phoenix, …

Good luck.

» … but someone tell me that it's valid to make a linear regression between Ln_observed and predicted from "Residuals" output from Phoenix

What? That’s not interesting because it is rather difficult to “see” anything useful.*
You could plot the residuals (y) vs. Ln_predicted (x). Cave: In a 2×2 crossover for every subject you have two residuals with opposite signs. You need only one of them (commonly the first period is used). However, raw residuals are not very useful. Though you get an idea about trends (if they increase/decrease or show a strange shape the model is wrong) or homo-/heteroscedasticity (funnel shape) their magnitude is not telling. That’s why you should standardize/studentize them.

» … and obtain the Student residuals to find outliers, is that right?

Yep. Though I would not call them outliers (regulators don’t like it) but “aberrant values”. ;-)

Helmut Schütz

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