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Beyond sink() [R for BE/BA]

posted by ElMaestro - Denmark, 2017-09-02 06:10  - Posting: # 17762
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Thanks yjlee168,

for trying to help.:-)

I looked at this code already, I believe it is from StackOverflow. It is an example on how to send stdout to a file, and then how to stop doing that so that messages end up on the console again. What I need is both simultaneously and that's how I am of the impression that sink() might not be the solution.
"stdout" is where dos (console) applications, for lack of better terminology, output their stuff. When we open the R GUI or other interface and type a command we are in effect only talking to R's console via a layer of handy windowing which uses stdout and stdin to communicate with R and display to us in a nice windowsy manner what is going on.
If I could save an entire session (with all R's messages) to a file then that would also be great.:confused:

I could be wrong, but…

Best regards,

- since June 2017 having an affair with the bootstrap.

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