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Beyond sink() - capturing messages to file and stdout [R for BE/BA]

posted by yjlee168 Homepage - Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2017-09-02 05:20  - Posting: # 17761
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Hi ElMaestro,

the meaning of 'stdout'? outputs on the console? If yes, you can try

zz<- file("output.txt",open="wt")
sink(zz,split=TRUE)  ### this will send output to the file and on the console simultaneously
sink(zz,split=FALSE)  ### this will send all outputs to the file only, but will not be on the console;default for sink(), same as sink(zz).
sink() ### this will temporarily stop sending output to the file; console output is still on.
sink(zz,split=TRUE) ### re-activate sink() again;
close(zz) ### close the output; use it before q(); otherwise, the output text file may not be complete.

I am not quite sure if I answer your question correctly or not.

All the best,
---Yung-jin Lee
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Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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