Difficulties with run NCA in BEAR [R for BE/BA]

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Dear Artem,

Sorry about the delay of this response. I just run bear as you did and did not find the same problem. I know that saveRDS() in GUI can be weird. The error you had was because saveRDS() did not work properly. It failed to save the Dose. You can try following codes under R console:
x<- readRDS("bearGUI.setup.rds")
                  Methods                Setting
1               run demo?                      0
2            study design                      0
3   single-/multiple-dose                      0
4       lambda_z estimate                      0
5         trapezoidal AUC                      0
6       BE criterion (LL)                     80
7                     ODA                      0
8            dose (in mg)                     80  <-- is it 'NA' or ''?
9         dosing interval                     24
10                  Tlast                    120
11                   pAUC                      0
12             pAUC_start                    121
13               pAUC_end                    128
14         indivDP_output                      0
15 drug plasma conc. unit                      1
16       is a metabolite?                      0
17           x-axis label Time after dosing (hr)
18           y-axis label     drugX plasma conc.
19         analysis types                      0
20       data file format                      0
21              Tmax_stat                      1

If the dose is 'NA' or '', it means that saveRDS() fails to save the value. Why did this happen? I don't have a clue right now. You can try the following steps to see if the error goes away.
  1. delete the set up file (i.e., bearGUI.setup.rds) from your working directory. And run bear again; If this still cannot work correctly, please try the next step.
  2. run the following codes under R console without GUI:
    x<- readRDS("bearGUI.setup.rds")
    x<- edit (x)  ### correct (edit) the dose and other parameter values if necessary
    saveRDS(x,"bearGUI.setup.rds")           ### save your setup
    xxdf<- "";psdp<- ""                      ### leave the line as it is
    xxdf<- rchoose.files(filters="*.csv")    ### supposed that your data file is a csv format
    go2menu(xxdf,psdp)                       ### leave the line as it is

    If this step still does not work (it should, I have already tested), please install the previous version of bear (v2.7.7) if you need a quick solution.
BTW, could you please tell me the information of your computer (CPU & RAM; my CPU is i7-6700 with 16 GB RAM) and platform (OS, mine is Windows 10 x64) that you use to run R/bear? Thanks in advanced and sorry about the error.

» Error in if (Dose <= 0) Dose <- 0 else Dose <- as.numeric(Dose) : missing value, must be TRUE/FALSE

All the best,
---Yung-jin Lee
bear v2.8.4:- created by Hsin-ya Lee & Yung-jin Lee
Kaohsiung, Taiwan http://pkpd.kmu.edu.tw/bear
Download link (updated) -> here

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