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Follow-up: It gets worse! [Off Topic]

posted by ElMaestro - Denmark, 2017-04-18 10:01  - Posting: # 17245
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Hi all,

surely I am going to burn in hell for this but given how completely hopeless that invitation was I sent this response to the organisers:

Dear Ms. [name],

I would like to humbly thank you for your invitation to WGC-2017.

Would you be interested if I give a talk in Theme 801 with the title: "Genomics in the new millenium: The apparent inability of Sequential Bioequivalence Designs to address important contemporary DNA-related topics such as recombination rate in transposon-rich regions of Chromosome VI of the European honey bee (Apis mellifera)" ?

I look forward to receiving your response.

This morning their answer was in my inbox:

I appreciate your feedback and welcome you give an oral presentation in this conference. The organizing committee is very interested in your lecture title.

Secondly, at this moment, may I ask if you could give your lecture abstract along with biography to me? Please be sure that both of abstract & biography should be limited in One Page. (Follow the format I attached).Since these materials will be included in our meeting proceeding in the future, please be aware that total amount of the characters should not exceed 2500.
Since speech solts are limited, please register on to confirm your participation firstly and send the abstract to me a little later.

This little story is in a sense a good image of the sad state of affairs science sometimes finds itself in. Money talks. Facts and reason don't.

I could be wrong, but…

Best regards,

No, I still don't believe much in the usefulness of IVIVCs for OIPs when it comes to picking candidate formulations for the next trial. This is not the same as saying I don't believe in IVIVCs.

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