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Hi Jaime,

I just send you my project-files. Worked like a charm. I guess (!) something went wrong in "Prepare Dataset for Analysis " – "Determine Order of Formulations" – "Step 2 Transformation". The code for the new column "Data_Ln" is if(flag="N", ln(Data), Data)
In my project the value of Subject 1, Period 1 is displayed as 12.522701 and given in full precision with 12.5227008568555. Identical to yours. In the following "Append Worksheets" I have exactly the same numbers as above, but in yours it is displayed as 1.2522701E+14 and in the cell as 12,5227008568555. If I re-execute this step on my installation, the value changes to the correct one. So it might be a problem related to the locale.

Pharsight recommends to run PHX in EN(US) – which I never did. When I was ~sixteen I decided to use the period as the decimal separator (even in handwriting) because I thought it looks cool and more scientific. :cool:
Therefore, I’m running PHX in a German locale DE(AT), but changed my general Windows-settings to decimal separator period, thousands separator comma, field separator semi­colon. Consider giving it a try on your machine.

I would suggest to register at Certara’s Forum, where you could upload your project-file. They should have a look, IMHO.

PS: Since I code a lot – in all languages I use (R, PHP, SQL, JavaScript) the decimal separator is man­da­torily the period. The comma sucks.

Helmut Schütz

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